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How To Make Use Of Press Releases In Small Business Marketing

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How To Make Use Of Press Releases In Small Business Marketing How Small Business Marketing Makes Use Of Press Releases

How to make use of press releases as part of your online marketing plan. Your small business marketing plan should include the use of press releases.

Press releases are a much underused resource both for getting noticed online directly and for getting good backlinks.

Many local businesses owners either have not heard of them or they think they need to have something particularly noteworthy to say.

In other words press releases seem to be one of those things other people do and it does not apply to you. But…

This is a common misconception and once you know how press releases work you can use them to really give your website and your local business marketing a boost in the search engine rankings.

Google, Yahoo and Bing love many of the press release sites as they carry authority so, in turn they will give your press release a good page ranking.

You do not have to write something ground breaking. An article about your business written in an objective style is all that is required.

Here are a few ideas you can use to create press release articles:

• New services offered
• Industry developments
• New products introduced
• Professional association news
• New contacts won or completed
• Corporate and Community Events

Most press release sites have comprehensive guidance on how to write a press release so there is no need to worry about that.

You can leave a contextual backlink or two in your press release. This is where your keyword/s are linked back to your website and are the good quailty type of backlinks to look aim for.

There are many free and paid press release sites and here are a few to get you started.


Do be sure that you do NOT submit the same press release to different press release sites. If you use more than one press release site which is recommended, re-write your copy by changing the wording and then resubmit it.

As re-writing is time comsuming, you can use an article spinner to speed up this process. An article spinner uses your base article to semi-automatically produce many unique copies of your original work.

Once done, submit each spun article to a separate press release site.

Be sure to keep a record of the press release URL’s so that you can make backlinks to them and create RSS feeds which we will cover in another video.

In the meantime, start with one press release site, build up a portfolio of press releases.

Then, when you get a little practice, use an article spinner to get more productivity from your press releases.

Submit these to more press realease sites and enjoy the benefits of a wider online presence and the good quality backlinks that you will get to your website.

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