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How To Make Press Release For SEO Online Marketing Campaign

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How To Make Press Release For SEO Online Marketing Campaign

Since the emergent of website optimization is becoming more and more relevant these days, it is becoming harder for web developers to get a high quality inbound links in order to boost up a particular website especially if it is only lesser than six months old. New websites cannot cope up with the old ones, and one of the best way to increase a website online popularity and reputation is by submitting press releases. Press release is like hitting two birds in one stone, you can promote your products or services and it can help your website to improve the PageRank.

SEO press release

There are many ways and methods when it comes on optimizing a website. One of the best ways is by the use of press release. These articles or press releases can help and enhance websites that can be useful on SEO (search engine optimization) campaign.

Tips on press release

Although press releases is for the purpose of more exposure and promotions, the use of proper keywords are still necessary. In such a way you can also use backlinks that directly connected to your main website.


Your introduction is the most vital part, keep in mind that it must be straightforward and can catch every reader’s attention. Consider mentioning your promotions on your services or products such as discounts, freebies or on sale.


Your body must include the background of your company, but not to the extent that you are telling the entire history on how it all began. Your company’s background can build trust to the readers. Use the 5 W’s (why, what, when, where, who) and how on your content. However, bear in mind that your press release must be simple and straightforward. Avoid unnecessary words such as jargons or mumbo jumbos.


It is important to check your grammars, spellings and the quality of your writings. It is very important to proof read your work before submitting it as a press release. Usually, press releases can be read by journalists, editors and reporters.

In the online industry, always remember that keywords and content are the kings of queen for website optimization.

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