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How To Make A Killer Music Press Release

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How To Make A Killer Music Press Release

If you want to publicise yourself, a music release, latest album, or an upcoming tour, then you’ll need to write your own music press release to get the word out. Publicising yourself is not easy, so here are our best top tips for how to write a killer music press release that will get you noticed.

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Q: Is a press release the same as an EPK?

A: A press release is simply part of an EPK. Your EPK is a compilation of information for the media, for bloggers, or for anyone who wants more background, details, photos, or graphics of you or your band. To find out more about EPKs, check out our recent video:

Q: Are press releases beneficial for album launches?

A: Absolutely!
When you release new music you’ll need to have an up-to-date press release and artist bio written, ready to send to venues, blogs, press outlets, or playlist curators. If you need help with your artist bio, check out our recent video:

Q: Why should I promote my music through music blogs?

A: Music blogs create a lot of buzz around music releases, and a few good blog placements can drive up streaming numbers and social media followers. Music blogs love hearing fresh and exciting new music. So, as an independent artist or producer, you are on a level playing field with big artists. If you’re wondering what are the best blogs to reach out to, check out our article on The Best Music Blogs:
Most importantly though, don’t forget us here at Music Gateway!

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