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How To Do A Press Releases (Free Template) Part 1

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How To Do A Press Releases (Free Template) Part 1

How To Do A Press Releases (Free Template) Part 1

#HowtodoaPressReleases #pressrelease #whatisapressrelease

0:00 How To Do A Press Releases?
1:03 What is the format of a press release?
3:20 What does a good press release include?
6:19 How do you write a release?

This video will help you get better at writing press releases. If you don’t know how or why, I’ve done a previous one on this topic already! But since people always seem to ask for additional information – here we go again…

A well-crafted PR makes your brand stand out in the crowd and grab their attention like no other form of marketing can. A bad release might even land right into that bin: whether virtual (on social media) or physical landfill where all unwanted material goes when they’re through with us.

If you’re not used to writing press releases or want a better understanding of how they should be written, I’ve got your back. In this video we’ll go over the basics so that when people ask for advice on their own blogs and social media channels – all it takes is one quick Google search!

I know what questions these come up with because every time someone asks why “so-and-so” has gotten coverage while mine hasn’t (or gets less) — THIS IS WHY THEY WIN THE CONTEST OF MEDIA OUTLOOKS AND YOU’RE STUCK WAITING AROUND PATIENTLY IN AN EDMZINE READER Like any good story worth its salt there’s always an exciting beginning.

You know what? I used to be really intimidated by the thought of writing a press release. But then, my business partner told me not everyone is as good at it and that could hurt your chances in getting coverage from media outlets or clients– which would ultimately lead you down an unnecessary rabbit hole trying desperately only for something disappointing happen later on because there was no time wasted with bad material early-on!

So why let fear get between us when all we need are some tips on how best present our product through written word?



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How To Do A Press Releases (Free Template)

#HowtodoaPressReleases #pressrelease #whatisapressreleases

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