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Hands Down THE BEST Press Release Value for SEO Resellers

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Hands Down THE BEST Press Release Value for SEO Resellers

Communication System and Press Release Updates for SEO Resellers

You want to learn about Hubshout’s new press release process and streamline your email marketing campaigns, right? Of course you do! That’s why you’re here!

In this webinar, Chad Hill and Adam Stetzer tackle both issues.

Communication Updates and New Features

Over time, our old email platform became obsolete. Email notifications were delayed, incorrectly routed or filtered into spam folders and the delivery rate was less than satisfactory. We admit it! It’s the nature of rapidly changing technology and we just keep rapidly moving forward with it!

To adapt to this problem, we updated our email system to Amazon SES. In this webinar, you’ll learn how this update contributes to higher delivery rates, faster messaging and improved communication overall.

You’ll also learn how to setup and configure SES on your SEO reseller account through a walk through demonstration. Amazon SES also gives you the option to send comunications either through a personalized address or your own email address depending on how you want task emails to appear.

Both of these options increase the chances that your email will be opened and viewed rather than filtered into a spam folder or deleted. This webinar will show you how to validate your email with Amazon SES for better branding and control at a low price.

Updates to the Press Release Process.

Learn about our new press team program and find out what this exciting content marketing strategy can do for your clients. Our new partnership with PRweb will allow us to get more reach for your press releases. We’ll also increase accuracy by calling your client directly for information, using local listed phone numbers and operating under your company name. Our press team outreach service is 100% white labeled! This new feature is now live and you can find out how to activate it in this webinar.

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