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Galactix Zone dNFT Press Release

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21.Nov, 2022 0 Marketing in Guelph

Galactix Zone dNFT Press Release

Note: This is a Whitelist Announcement for Galactix Zone Token.
The launch date for the Galactix Zone Token GXZ Sale will be announced soon. After the token sale is over, we will announce the start of NFT minting.
For more information regarding our token and NFT, PLEASE REFER TO OUR WHITEPAPER.

Galactix Zone
1. Join or subscribe to our social Media accounts on Telegram, Discord, Twitter (6 retweets), YouTube, Instagram, and Linkedin.


Send an email to the following email address with the following pieces of information:

2. Please include an image showing you’ve joined or subscribed to each of the social media accounts mentioned.

3. Your BNB Wallet Address (BSC Blockchain)

Members of the whitelist will qualify automatically for our NFT whitelist upon launch, and they must mint their NFT within 24 hours.

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