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Facebook Ads For Music Artists | Pre-Release Music Marketing

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Facebook Ads For Music Artists | Pre-Release Music Marketing

Are Facebook ads for music artists? YES! In this video i’ll show you how you can use Facebook and Instagram ads to promote an upcoming single.

Facebook and Instagram ads are an incredibly powerful tool for music artists, musicians, and music producers. Many artists shy away from them because they cost money, and there is kind fo a steep learning curve. I’ve spent a few years and thousands of dollars testing every music marketing tactic I could find, and i’ve also gone through about a dozen music marketing and Facebook ads course I could find.

In this video I show you how to create an ad in Facebook ads, exactly who to target and why i’m targeting them, I show you the ads, and I show you the various optimizations I make along the way. Keep in mind this is for a pre-release promotion strategy, but I use these exact same tactics when I get to the actual campaign I use for release day and beyond.

This video is part of a music marketing series where I document the marketing process behind my upcoming single ‘You’, check out the rest of the videos here:


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