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23.May, 2022 0 Marketing in Guelph

Event Marketing Plan Template | TeamGantt

Learn what event marketing is and how to use our free event marketing template to plan and manage promotion timelines for your next big event:

00:00 – Introduction
00:38 – What is an event marketing plan?
01:12 – How to create an event marketing plan
01:37 – Pre-launch tasks
01:50 – Launch tasks
02:00 – Post-event tasks
02:29 – Define event goals
02:55 – Create an event website or landing page
03:18 – Develop a blog and content strategy
03:45 – Promote the event on social media
04:09 – Set up paid digital campaigns
04:34 – Build email marketing campaigns
05:02 – Leverage event sponsors
05:23 – Write a press release for the event
05:42 – Use our free event marketing plan and timeline template
06:35 – Gantt chart
06:54 – Calendar
07:10 – Create an event marketing plan with TeamGantt

An event marketing plan lays out a strategy and timeline for event promotion. Think of it as your roadmap for all the tools, tactics, and channels you’ll use to get word out about your event so you can hit sales and attendance goals.

Event marketing starts with a firm understanding of your target audience and where they hang out so you can promote your event effectively across multiple channels like social media, email, radio, and print. It also factors in the types of content you’ll produce to raise awareness and ultimately guide prospects to attend your event.

In this video, we’ll review what an event marketing plan is and key components that will help you drive ticket sales and attendance.

We’ll also share a free event marketing plan template with examples to help you build a promotion timeline quickly and easily. Use this template to outline when different campaign elements will be executed so you can keep track of all your event marketing strategies.


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