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Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 382

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14.Mar, 2022 0 Marketing in Guelph

Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 382

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0:00 Intro and announcements

08:52 I have a new client who needs citations cleaned up as they were using one name for their business and now are using another at same address. They also have a registered massage therapist at same address. What is your goto source to clean up citations as it is way too tedious and time consuming for me. Also is it still a problem if the address has for example “King St E” in some citations and “King Street East” for others or have the googly AI figured out they are on in the same? thanks much..

15:16 hey guys how would you approach automating keyword research for a fleet of autoblogs to find good low comp profitable keywords?

19:33 also wondering how you would track income of networks of sites like rss masher blogs. Would it be possible to segment each site to track its individual earnings? Thanks guys appreciate any ideas here

22:19 hey SM I have a site that ranking very well in Australia for its keywords but been in the SEO space has lots of content on the blog that would work in overseas markets too. I already have traffic coming in from the US, Canada etc. What would be the best way to get a clone of the site up to better rank in those places without sacrificing what is already there? I was thinking to grab a .com and somehow mirror the site and add a hreflang for US/Global if possible? If so what would you recommend as the best simplest way? The site is built in WordPress and has some subdomains that resolve to different services or hold static HTML

26:13 hi guys for ctr traffic manipulation to be effective does it need to come from a local IP? i bought ctrbooster and they recommened turboproxy, but turboproxy only has USA ips and my business is in Canada. I was also looking at vipertools but didnt know if the clicks would also be USA? does it matter? I want to boost both GMB and website for a local brick and mortar location in Canada. Thanks!

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