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Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 380

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26.Feb, 2022 0 Marketing in Guelph

Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 380

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0:00 Intro and announcements

07:40 Recently has an Exact match keyword GMB get suspended by Google that has now been reinstated. This was one of my best performing GMBs with it generating around 80-100 leads a month alone…. It is now back in the maps but sitting right at the bottom of the map pack for its exact keyword match. Even spoofing the location directly on top of the business location still comes up at the bottom. This is a service area business (so no visible address on GMB) and Google had suspended it for “quality issues”. What would be the best course of action in order to bring the GMB back to its former glory? I have a Google.sites and syndication network for it so have started with some GSA links straight to the Power shield as well as GMB CID…. Would a CTR campaign or even running Ads get things humming again.

18:38 What is the point of doing nofollow link when syndicating to the tier1 ifttt ring? Don’t want it to be do follow? What value does it bring?

22:31 Is there a way to add Spintex step before syndiacating like zapier in ifttt that adds a spinned anchor text?

23:58 Will cross publishing tier1 IFTT posts in the same tiwe1 ring will give a boost? Basically making the same tier1 ring as tier2 ring without creating new rings but just making new IFTT applets. For example: Say you have a money site which gets published to tier1 ring with the following properties: Blogger, Tumblr & Twitter.

28:07 howdy all, looking to get into autoblogging and wondering what are some other types of content we can pull in alongside text from feeds to add more unique content to the posts so they aren’t just straight duplicate content.

32:22 Do you know any good automated linkbuilding toola we can use to power up our tier 1 branded assets in a set and forget way that has some decent quality and doesnt all go away if a subscription is cancelled looking for something like the old link emperor back in the day.

37:48 looking to pickup a decent expired domain but it was previously used with menterprise type content that was relevant to the niche. Do you think this would be potential spam signal or affect a future site on the domain?

45:09 Is there any way to take advantage of the link juices when people link to our wordpress image attachments instead of the blog post or page? Have mnay links from different sites which I would like to take advantage of.

47:44 in HDHO ep 378 you were saying how links that are not relevant arent really working now. is this true for press releases since they are not relevant domains? are they mostly a waste now and we should allocate the clients budget to acquiring different links?

51:35 Howdy crew wondering what your thoughts are on using content from as Bradley mentioned it for pbn style rebuilds are you spinning it or rephrasing? Is there any copyright issues?

55:58 What’s up, SM? I was wondering how often you’ve had a Google account banned from using Drive Stacks on them or due to the link building to the stacks. I’ve seen people claim they put up to 100 siloed stacks on a single Google account. That seems like a disaster waiting to happen. Have you had many banned or removed? Thanks!

58:51 Hey Gents, Bradley recommended TechnicalSEO a while back for a schema generator which I have been using. Have you come across a better one since than?

1:00:58 what tool do you use to identify topical trust flow

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