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Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 378

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14.Feb, 2022 0 Marketing in Guelph

Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 378

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0:00 Intro and announcements

07:35 wondering how you approach and close clients to do SEO for multi-locations? Most businesses in my local area are small and don’t have the budget for SEO.

12:52 how would you approach ranking for location service keywords e.g. seo services in city where big sites like and yelp are dominating the first 3 spots in the serp. I have made way better content then them and have internal links from relevant content, strong backlinks and a decent overall domain with some age and links along with a shield and press releases but still cant get past these monster sites.

26:09 You mentioned that you don’t use EMD domains for your Local Lead Gen sites, but you do use the name of the niche in your domains, so is that considered a PMD, a Partial Match Domain?. And is there a reason that Google does not “flag” that as over-optimization when you also have the niche and city name in the Meta Title, Meta Description, H1 Tag, and Page Content? . . .

31:47 How do you determine that the domain name you choose is not an EMD . . Do you check Google Keyword Planner and if it does not appear to have searches you’re ok to use it, for e.g., “quality plumbing” & “reliable plumbing” have searches and “responsive plumber ” does not appear to have any searches, or is there a better way?

34:16 Hey guys wondering how you approach getting some quick leads for a client early on for an seo campaign where it will likely be 6 months before they rank for their money keywords. Also wondering which medium is best for this with minimal costs.

39:18 How can we secure .gov links to our websites. We publish quality resource content.

41:44 how would you value a domain? Got some good brandable domains I am looking to sell. Godaddy valuations put them as worth over $1000 but not sure where to start to get good offers for them.

47:07 I want to buy expired domains and make a link wheel. What is a safe way to buy them? do you need to hide when buying domains for a link wheel? i mean can I use my same name and credit card and registrar account to buy all my expired domains? How to hide from Google that one person owns all the domains in the link wheel? Is enabling whois protection and using cloudflare to hide the hosting IP enough? thanks for any help on this

50:12 Should you include articles about the local town(/area/radius/city/state etc) in the money site that are not related to the actual service like: “town hall has donation event”, “tourists are dumping garbage and polluting the area keep eye ” etc. Will it improve rankings?

52:08 What do you think about local as ecommerce? Meaning selling local services and related products on the website. Have you ever tried it? Or it is best to stick with the local service and the service provider should upsell when they are face to face?

53:53 Hey guys, I have some clients running two businesses from the same address. Does Google Business Profile (Formerly GMB) require that these have different addresses? Such as Suite O and maybe Suite O – B? Also can they have the same phone number and contact emails?

57:11 Hey Gents, a new client will not get a GBP due to some shit advice that an “expert” told him about needing a business license before you can get one. Have you ever heard of that requirement? BTW, just registered a new GBP for one of my own products and they offered me the mail option now, which worked. TU

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