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Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 375

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21.Jan, 2022 0 Marketing in Guelph

Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 375

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0:00 Intro and announcements

08:48 Let’s say that you buy a domain that was expired but had backlinks from good sites. First will the new site will get the juice? Second, if it will not get the juice, then what if backlink to the backlink? will it then consider the juice flowing?

17:23 Hey guys looking to train up a VA to help with client linkbuilding specifically outreach. I am looking into some different tools to connect into a Google workspace email and after some advice. Would you down the route of using various gmails or use a branded domain extension for the emails e.g. while the main agency is on a .com? Do you think people will think it looks spammy if the outreach comes from an seo agency?

21:56 I just need your helpful feedback for a few things regarding the NAP for a multi-city local lead gen site. I believe that the “Name” must be the same on each City Page otherwise Google will think you are a “Directory” site and not a business with different locations, making it harder to rank . . is that correct? Can you use the physical address for a centrally located Post Office in each city?

24:12 Can you initially use the actual phone number from a real niche business in each city or will Google be able to determine who really owns the number?

24:34 Can you use a partial of full keyword match for the biz name, for example, “The Affordable Plumbing Company”? If there are no NAP “citations” anywhere else than the one on the website, as well as no GMB listing, will either of those create a ranking problem?

27:38 If your sending cloud links like s3 to a redirected domain to the money site what anchor text would you use? I am thinking market level mixed with branded and then exact anchor pbns behind it but not sure if its bad for anchor text?

35:53 I picked up a short domain and looking to build my own shortner. In terms of powering it up with links what would you recommend? Was considering bulk web2s but having second thoughts after the last humpday hangout. Looking for the most cost effective to gradually strenghen the entire domain so when new short links are made to tier 1 assets and money site it is pretty powerful.

41:26 Have a client who was targeted by someone who has made a handful of negative videos on youtube and facebook which appear in the serps for their name. What are some ways I can push/get rid of these from the serps. Contacted Google and Facebook multiple times over few months to report the content but no action has been done on their part. Even if I could push them to page 10 would be great.

46:03 I have a service area gmb for my seo agency in the UK. Looking to target some seo oppurtunities in the US to diversify a little. How would I be able to secure a US gmb? I would have the address hidden as it would only be service. Lastly could usa citations be built? or is this against terms of service looking for the most whitehat approach.

48:48 How do you rank locally for leadgen without a physical place?

51:40 I guess that Google already knows that all content for local places will be the same. How will he differentiates one another being a better choice to be ranked? Backlinks and authority is the only thing I can thing of but its not aleays the case.

56:09 In recent webinars, you’ve talked about the decreased power of garbage links. Have you seen the same with contextual links/embeds? What about press releases?

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