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Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 336

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26.Apr, 2021 0 Marketing in Guelph

Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 336

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0:00 Intro and announcements

12:07 Hello and good day,
I have a question regarding the SEO Power Shield purchase. I have existing business citations and was wondering if those should be interlinked with the power shield or should they be lest as is and create new ones with the SEO Power shield?

18:12 Hi guys, so I’ve got a Syndication Network (youtube) and then SEO Shield and in que is the Rys Drive Stack in Que. This is for a competitive market (Spiritualiity, Meditation & Mindfulness) based of your Keyword Research package. Which link package would be best at this point to show the greatest effect for theses tuff keywords? Thanks much!! I should have let you know that the Rys Drive Stack Expansion was for Spirituality likely being the hardest keyword to rank for.. Spiritual Enlightenment being the main keyword in the expansion…

27:29 Hi guys: 1) just for understanding, how many days you work in a week and how many hours each day? and how many you should work when starting & medium stage & ofcourse your level

41:15 2) is it better to write semi good article to rank or go for very depth article but it will take more time to write?

49:43 What press release services can you recommend?

51:27 What is the name of the service Bradley mentioned? Is it “Jarvis” or some other name?

51:51 Now that I have syndication network and SEO Shield setup, what to you is a good weekly video post frequency?

58:16 Also, does it make sense to buy a new syndication network for the blog on money site to be the RSS feed and is weekly posts a good number here or 2-3 because higher competition?

1:00:33 is syndication academy teaching how to build our own press release distribution network?

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