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Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 300

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15.Aug, 2020 0 Marketing in Guelph

Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 300

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0:00 Intro and announcements

12:07 Is there a wordpress theme you recommend or have an affiliate code for? Building lead gen sites and need different sidebars for each page. I believe you recommended genesis framework from studio press in the past. Gracias.

17:33 Good Day Gents thanks for this forum to get real world actionable answers. Marco if you dont mind please drop the link for your charity so we can do some good while doing well. My question today is do you send backlinks to the press releases first or do you embed first then backlinks to the embeds of the press releases? Thank you

18:35 Hi, I was thinking about deleting my SEnuke/GSA licences as I tough I would never have to use it anymore, but now I am thinking of running it once again. I will order contextual for the Tier 1 assets – g site, drive stack, syndication properties from you, however do you think it is safe to throw any as you say kitchen spam links – pings, trackbacks, redirects, comments etc on these tier 1 assets with my own GSA tool or should I do these even worse than the contextual spam links at tier 2 for safer approach?

22:51 now that google is doing away with the classic google sites. What should we do with the sites that were built for the Rys Stacks?

31:44 Can you order link building packages to url shorteners? (mgyb, tinyurl, bitly etc?)

33:42 (virginia seo question) Why aren’t you ranking the big bamboo site also instead just the gsite? 3

37:33 is there any purpose of doing multi tiered (say 3/4) syndication that each tier has 1 ring only for youtube rankings instead of 1 tier that that has 3 rings?

40:50 I have a potential client with an ecom store, I have an idea of things that can be improved to improve conversions but what would be your tips? I will be implementing them myself! (the product is proven) This is the link: – Thank you!

43:47 you say that YT can be ranked just by activity/user interaction, but how would get the interaction in the first place without Tiered Sydications (ranking the videos), embeds (which basically is tired syndication) & YT ads?

47:43 is the press release special offer is still going on?

48:33 I have purchased the Jeffrey Smith SEO Bootcamp and they promote a keyword tool called .. Would this tool replace the need for SEMRush? I trying to keep my cost down and everyone wants a monthly fee and if I purchased everything then my monthly cost is way too high.

53:45 can you add schema to a YT video?

57:00 Hey Guys! Since we need to mirror a website structure on the GMB we should post the same post like on money site. I’m posting one post per week on the money site. GMB need more posts per week, how to resolve that, where to get more post? Can I do this way, I have a long form articles on the silo page with a jup links, can I break up one section an make a couple posts on GMB, top piece will link to money site jump link? Thanks a lot!

1:02:24 Best way to send targeted email and text message to 50+ people where there may be video blocking on email. I am aware of gif with YouTube hyperlink method but wanted to know best way to facilitate sending videos + short message via text and email that may be better than one by one. FYI have a targeted and permissioned list and made separate videos for each of 50+ People

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