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Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 275

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Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 275

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0:00 Intro and announcements

18:10 Hello , please help if you have time. I use to do building work in Uk . I had GMB listing with the name of my building services company and i was ranking no1 in local maps for keywords ” builder + location” However i am not doing building work anymore and i have changed my profile from builder to electrician ,so 6 months ago i changed my GMB name to the new electrician business name. Now ,after 6 months if i type in ” electrician + location ” i am number 12 in google pack and if i type in “builder+ location” i still rank high in first positions in local 3 pack. Please explain . Thank you . ( i have new electrician website linked with my gmb listing so it is nothing to do with the old website) Is this about that i have secured place for some keywords ? How it is work then ? From time to time google is doing some changes to my listing and changing back my electrician name to the builder name . Very annoing so i have to change it back to electrician and try to rank for electrician keyword. I am sure you know what is the trick . It is like the gmb ppsition is secured under this builder+location keyword and wond go down .

25:59 I see that all of my GMB short urls are 302’s. If I want to link to my GMB from a Press Release, should I then use the long url? If not, how do I find 301’s for linking purposes?

29:12 Hi Guys, . . . just a quick question (smile) . . . . When using our 3rd party Press Release provider through MGYB, is there a way to have any type of html code, like a tracking code or other type of html code, inserted in between the html “Header Tags” of the Press Releases? . . . . Thank you VERY much again for your help

30:38 Hello When linking from drive stacks to the money site, should we use anchor texts or use just a plain link? Same question for blog posts that get syndicated. Thanks in advance for answering.

32:42 Are there any more official examples of drive stacks ranking with google sites, other than plumber in DC?

38:49 Hey guys, after I order and receive an SEO shield for a tough niche (cars), should I wait and have it settle (as I usually do for RYS stacks), or do I go ahead and start blasting it with various MGYB link/embed orders? I remember you guys say to always use the minimum effort before bringing out the big guns, but what if I already know the SEO Shield is gonna need extra power?

41:04 What is the difference between rss authority sniper and rssmasher?

42:47 Hey guys the SEO shield comes with a syndication network that I use for my money site, but if I want one for my YouTube channel for the same brand, I just buy a separate MGYB order right? If I buy the YT network at the same time as the Shield does MGYB make both at once?

45:44 Hi: 1) I wanted to know if can I buy medium power expired domain to power up a press release?

49:20 2) Is the RYS needs syndication? If yes than do you need also a 2nd tier? and if yes to that than how many rings?

53:22 When will “heavy hitter” club be available to join?

54:15 Whats better, create category pages by “county” or “cities”. Example, if I was targeting cities in “Anne Arundel County” in MD , would it make sense to make the category page “Anne Arundel County” or buy city :Severn, “Glen Burnie, etc…thanks

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