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Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 274

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Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 274

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0:00 Intro and announcements

27:27 I do local lead gen with 95% of clients being plumbers. Leads come through GMB organic rankings, organic website rankings but mostly through Google Ads and the Google Ads location extension. Getting decent results although very competitive in major cities. I find that GMB’s are gold for plumbers but difficult to create a fake gmb and to make it stick. Thoughts on the plumbing niche and advice on higher ticket niches that are not so spammy in Google’s eyes?

35:23 You recommend branded domains. But how do you do that when you’re targeting multiple cities / towns in the same niche? Do I search for a unique branded domain for each area? I don’t think it’s feasible to use 1 branded domain for all the different areas as I have different clients in different areas. I can’t generate leads for different clients through the same url right? Unless I’m missing something. I’m working my way through the Battle Plan

42:50 I wanted to do SEO for a Dutch website. Can you please let me know how can I do keyword research? Should I do keyword research in Dutch? Should I write meta tags in Dutch?

43:39 Hi guys: 1) Can I have a site as lists with general subjects for multiple reviews from different niches? 2) Say I have press release from site 1 to money site and I want to make another press release from site 2. Can I link to both of the sites (Money site & site 1)? 3) What is the best way and fastest to be profitable (say 1000 bucks a month) without clients? (that includes no lead gen no agency)

50:08 How is PR stacking effective then the PR article links disappear over time?

53:08 Got my first MGYB order back on Feb 7th. Target for all the work was client main domain. Thinking maybe I should have targeted the client GMB CID link as you showed in a recent video. Convert link to etc.. Do I need to order a whole new RYS Drive stock or SEO shield to target the GMB?

55:32 I’m building 2.0 buffers outside of the RYS stacks/Syndication Networks. Should I build them as branded 2.0s or keyword specific with and without geo modifiers or a mixture of them all?

57:46 Are the amount referring domains a factor that could make one site rank higher than another?

01:00:06 You guys said that google reads words in images. What are your thoughts about wordclouds in images?

01:01:52 Hello everyone. Thank you for answering questions. In a RYS drivestack, where can and where should you link to and from?

01:03:33 Afternoon, had a conversation with Google rep about GMB and exposing competitors who violate the TOS and have multiple listings having different phone numbers and city locations. Other than ‘suggestions’ and requesting changes or removing the business, how do you get violators removed to level the playing field?

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