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Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 263

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Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 263

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0:00 Intro and announcements

09:28 How exactly do you add clickable CTAs to a video on YT? Sorry for the beginner question but other than a link in the description I have no idea. Are there cards or annotations or clickable buttons that can be added to a video? I will be using a video to link to my Amazon store and hoped to add a couple links during the middle part of the video. What do I use and How do I do that?

14:50 I’m publishing a video in 2 weeks using Live events but I want a smaller version of the same content online right away for other traffic reasons, how can I do that? What needs to be different between the 2 videos? Can I take some of the video content and audio from the permanent 2nd video and use that in the first temporary video?

16:25 I have a potential client that has a GMB profile and website in biligual language. The main domain automatically directs us to the French version, whilst if we want to read in English version, I assume he’s using a sub-domain. For example: → (French) and in English is My question is: I want to use your DFY services from MGYB store, for the purpose to 3 map pack and local SEO for French and English buying keywords. Can you direct me which products do you strongly recommend as first priority? I already bought your BattlePlan vetsion 3, and also check your MGYB store several times, but I’m lost looking at it. I have audited his GMB, and around 70% French buying keywords resulting to his GMB 3 map pack and his website on page 1. And zero results for English buying keywords. I believe your DFY services also offer white label services as well?

22:38 thanks for helping answer my question last week about PR specific schema. Im still stuck on what URL to enter into the generator. On if i select article schema then leave the url property field blank, the schema reports a warning when worried about causing ambiguation in the data so just dont want to put the wrong info here. i read that “For a Thing (like an Article), the url property should always point to the same URL, because every Thing has exactly one preferred, or canonical, URL.” this makes it sound like the URL I enter into the generator should be the URL of the PR itself, which does not yet exist, since PA has not yet published it. so do we publish the PR with schema that contains the warning? or do we enter a different url into the generator? just to add quickly the schema markup generator is also asking for Image URL. So far all the images embedded in my PR’s have been hosted by Press Advantage, so Im not sure how that PA image url would get added into the PR schema either since the hosted image url does not yet exist, and schema code has to be submitted to PA before they publish the PR. I see PA just released a feature to allow external image urls to be added, so is that the only way?

33:18 How many articles a week should you put to your GMB?

37:49 With stacks/drive folder let’s say I have one for “Service Round Rock”. Would it be alright to copy that drive folder and use for other cities ‘Service Pflugerville” and just change out the city modifier on the content? or should new content be used…

39:11 Using only one KW per post? Or should you try to get two KW’s in?

42:37 How often should we order link packages to the drive stacks/gsites?

56:22 i am publishing press releases about each blog post and want to incorporate video into the mix now that press advantage offers video embeds. using the content of my articles and press releases I created youtube videos of each post and pr. From the videos created using my blog content I created a youtube playlist that mirrors my blog silo and embedded these into the corresponding blog post. From the videos created using my pr content, I created a 2nd youtube playlist that mirrors my PR stack. which video is best to embed into the press release? the video from the blog post? or the video about the press release itself that promotes the blog post? or does it matter?

59:06 I just created another brand new lead gen site. Does the battle plan give me steps to optimize the SM way?

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