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Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 255

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Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 255

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0:00 Intro and announcements

11:12 Hello everyone | Can you please share some basic tips about website building? | I think to create a website using WordPress + Elementor | Do you have any favorites plugins? Must have plugins | Or just share the most important tips about website building | What are the basic steps of it | Thanks!

20:11 I know it is a big subject. Maybe you can suggest any good course about it, Or do you offer a website building service?

22:55 First what are all those chrome extension that u use .

25:19 Second question is what is the biggest difference in SEO and local SEO

28:40 Good Day Gents Thanks for this very helpful forum it is appreciated. I have a client who is getting the smack down from a competitor. The organic went straight down like the cliff tourists jump off of a Ricks Cafe in Jamaica. I got them RYS + small boost, started weekly press releases and plan a medium link building in 60 days. Site is over 3 years old. Did I miss anything?

35:20 How to create a Silo structure for a local service? How to sort out the different services keywords with the different cities names? Can you please show a visual example of it? Thanks a lot!

39:53 ok boys i just bought 4 nitro link packs from mgyb and am super pumped to see what these puppies can do. couple questions. i plan to use 1 pack/mo for the next 4 mo to boost my clients site.1st question is, should the link pack hit the clients targets all at once? i.e. month 1 the link pack would hit all the synd network, gsite, and pr advantage page links? or is it better to blast the whole link pack at a single main target and change the target each month? i.e month 1 hit only the synd network, month 2 hit only the PA page, etc.. if its better to hit only 1 main target per mo with the whole link pack, does it matter which order to hit them? like is it better to hit the synd network before the gsite? or vice versa? I also want to buy the maps and id page embeds. should i wait till these 4 months of link packs are done? the site is a couple years old with a few decent rankings but competition is fierce. im hoping mgyb will help me show them whos boss, so I can buy more links, thanks!

46:37 Does your press release service in the mgyb store have all the same features as one directly from Press Advantage? For example, can we add a retargeting pixel, and do they include links for each release as they mentioned in that sales video from several months ago? Are their purge level still pretty low? Thanks!

49:29 Hi guys, recently purchased the Battleplan and watched the 2 webinars about advanced RSS strategies in the battleplan. I have a question about the Rankfeedr Bonus webinar. At some point in in the video, a G+ page is part of the setup. As G+ is not supported anymore, can you please explain how this process works now?

51:27 To have a an image show up on mobile searches for a site, is that schema related or is it just up to Google if they select an image? Also with mobile searches, why do some sites have the Brand name listed above instead of the URL at top?

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