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Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 243

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Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 243

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0:00 Intro and announcements

10:06 Also loved the pr episode the other day – do you have any sort of staggering strategy you use for pr’s because a lot of websites have very few links to begin with – does it make sense to ifttt, google site, web 2.0’s/socials, directories – then in the 2nd month start on press releases otherwise thats a lot of links in the first month hitting the site – i know they are powerful and trusted im just wondering am i thinking to much about this or am i right to want to postpone it until the foundation links are done.

16:09 Hello: 1. I’m looking to OUTSOURCE hyper-local PRESS RELEASES;

17:57 2. Looking for software search tool designed to find or identify U.S. “Unstructured Local Citations” of businesses? Thank you for a prompt reply. ~ Alan #UnstructuredLocalCitations #HyperLocalPressRelease

20:18 “My next door neighbor runs a tree trimming business. He and his wife had it set up where she would receive the calls and then dispatch them to the crew, mostly made up of his family members. She now refused to answer business calls leaving him, his kids, and family losing money and professional relationships. They have a GMB, as I suggested it, and use Facebook as their website. From what I remember, you also operate in the tree trimming business, among others, in northern Virginia. I recall a bit about how you set up the businesses to do call automation. If you have a moment, could you give me a brief overview and some contacts to help me, help them set up such a system?”

28:29 For @id, is it mandatory to create a subdomain or will the Amazon object URL be enough? Is there any advantage of setting it up to use a cname subdomain? What link should we use as the canonical URL in our @id? the main money site? the or the maps url?

31:29 You mentioned recently that Google has been suspending legitimate GMB listings for making profile edits, in their effort to kill “spam” listings. Is there a risk of suspension if you “claim” an unclaimed profile and then completely fill out and optimize the listing profile properly for the biz owner during the verification process and right after it’s been verified?

37:33 If you wanted to rank a new site organically for a local business niche and a specific location but don’t care anything about ranking a related GMB listing, and don’t want to go to the trouble of even setting one up, how much more difficult is it, if at all, to rank the site without a related GMB listing?

40:15 I have plumbing business that will have eventually have multiple locations. I’m thinking of ordering RYS stacks. The current site will have location pages and no subdomains. Currently, I only want to target one location. If I order RYS with G-site, Will the G-site mimic the current website with location pages or it will be built only for a single location and then I would need to add more locations in future myself? or another G-site will be build in future if I order a RYS stack in future for another location.

46:02 Where can I find out more about Bradley’s new real estate business model?

47:08 When linking a PR to a previous PR…. do you recommend linking to the BEST ranking (or MOST local) PR even it purges ORRRRRR….to link to the Press Advantage non-purging version of the release for most power?

53:09 I know you guys advocate both Press Advantage and did the Quantum webinar. How would you use those in tandem is it more of an either or?

54:15 Bradley, do you have a list of PR sites that don’t purge?

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