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Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 211

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Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 211

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0:00 Intro and announcements

13:14 To dominate on google maps do you need to have a website or can you dominate with just a GMB site?

14:56 After the first month or so, how can I show results, or more specifically, what I’m doing to get results? I know GMB posts are one thing, and a blog a week. Are rank trackers even useful anymore? What else is there that would make sense to him? A press release a month is another one. The previous people just sent an Analytics report every month, keeping him in the dark, and now he’s open again (mostly because I educated him), but in return he wants to be able to see progress and why I do what I do.

25:40 Do you have experience with Marketers Center’s Press Release distribution service (only $30) or know if it has any sites that do not purge?

25:59 Marketers Center also have a Social Shotgun service that sends social signals from FB, G+ Twitter +10 others. Would that be good to send to a PR or money site?

29:37 I’m using your RSS feed plugin to get full text feeds (for syndication networks) – and I’m using Avada theme – the feed shows the Avada builder shortcode at the beginning and end of the posts? Any insights on how to fix that? (other than just not using the page builder and using default WP editor)

32:09 Related to syndication networks – I realize this is all automated, but a lot of the sites don’t pull in the feeds very cleanly – Is this just part of it or are there ways to improve the looks at all?

36:44 For syndication networks – What is the point of posting to these – are these profiles/links indexed/indexable?, Gravatar, Evernote, OneNote, Pocket. Appreciate it.

41:33 Hey guys, just a quick question regarding Press Advantage. what’s the ideal time frame to re-submit PR links for indexing?

47:19 I followed your video, however I really don’t see how you can choose the video in the playlist that would start the playlist on.

56:26 So, having gone through Local Lease Pro – is there a “next step” or path for optimizing or using services to add more power and longevity for ranking locally?

01:00:18 Suggestion for call service so I can show customer actual sales calls n possibly sell leads until I have a client.

01:04:08 With the GMB listings you create, to be safe and keep everything separate should we be setting up a portable Firefox and use a consistent IP address?

01:08:26 Setting up GMB in a different city… any better options than a P.O. Box for GMB verification? Thanks.

01:09:01 Do you have an approximate date for when “GMB Posting” will be live on the MGYB Store?

01:10:44 OK to post on the site blog, and use plugin like Zamora SyndBuddy to auto post to
Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo, and other 20 or so social platforms owned by the webiste business?

01:13:28 Have a link for his indexing service? Or other link building services he offers?

01:13:53 If doing more than one client adwords campaign, should I get some special status from Adwords (manager??) Is it OK to login to Gmail for several clients from my browser (one IP)?

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