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DB Sports Agency Press Release

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DB Sports Agency Press Release

DB Sports Agency: The Future of Football Transfers

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As the Premier League football transfer window opens, the usual rumours and whispers ensue, the gap between fact and fiction is where DB Sports Agency enters, an online football agency jobsite to quell the gossip and player unrest.

A fresh approach for the football community and a new method for the transfer window, bringing transparency to a previously hidden world as Clubs, Players, Coaches and Managers sign up to use DB Sports Agencies innovative platform, a sports jobsite that connects without the need for intermediaries.

Stoke City’s search for a central defender, winger and striker was recently featured on DB Sports Agency jobsite.

The Wolverhampton based DB Sports Agency is a ‘forward thinking’ football agency, and prides itself in providing services to professional, semi professional and non league clubs, players, staff, and agents. The Managing Director, Dominic Bennett, started the company back in 2017, with the goal to put the power back in the hands of fans and people who love the game, and to help clubs be more transparent in their search for new talent.

DB sports agency was recently featured in the Sun and Sports Bible, the online football news site, and referred to as the ‘new method’ for advertising Premier League transfers.

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