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Compelling Video Press Release Created for Client NatHealth Solutions

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Compelling Video Press Release Created for Client NatHealth Solutions

Armada crafted a video news release for its client NatHealth Solutions to show reporters and editors how the BergaMet MEGA product works. This overview of the new product just released in the U.S. includes interviews of NatHealth Solutions CEO Selwyn Barr and BergaMet medical advisor Dr. Ross Walker.

Medical Advisor, BergaMet: Ross Walker, MD
CEO NatHealth Solutions: Selwyn Barr

Dr. Ross Walker: The best natural option for lowering cholesterol is this new product that comes from Italy called BergaMet. Now, these oranges are called Bergamot oranges are grown on the southern ionic strip of Calabria, which is the Greek side of the bottom of the boot.
Selwyn Barr: The instance of cardiovascular issues was 50% lower than the rest of Italy and Europe, for that matter.
Dr. Walker: BergaMet is made from the juice extract, so it’s a pure extract of the juice. The juice lowered cholesterol by that 30%, LDL cholesterol 38%, triglycerides up to 40%, increased the HDL up to 40%, and reduced sugar by around 20%. It’s completely natural, it has no nasty long-term side-effects, and it can still achieve what you want; which is a reduction in all of the parameters that may be putting fat in all of your arteries.
Barr: All of these properties that are in the fruit from southern Italy, can’t be replicated anywhere else in the world. So, they’ve grown it in California and Australia and people have said “Oh, we can make the extract.” But they really can’t. They can make an extract, but it won’t have the properties.
Dr. Walker: I connected so hard with BergaMet because I have never seen a natural product reduce cholesterol by 30%, reduce LDL by 38%. Typically, all the other natural products on the market might get a 5%-10% reduction in cholesterol. But, really what I liked about BergaMet, and why I’ve used it in so many of my patients is the very significant reductions in all of the lipid values, which I certainly wasn’t seeing with other natural therapies on the market.
Barr: It’s a product that personally, I’ve used for three years, and have had considerable benefits for myself. And customers and patients of Dr. Ross Walker have had considerable benefits; which no other natural product that we’ve seen can match.

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