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Can Your Wire Do this? | #1 Press Release Service

At iCrowdNewswire, we like to call ourselves the “premier press release distribution service” but if you were wondering why, let us ask you one simple question: can your wire do this:

1. Distribute press releases while harnessing Google AdSense?
2. Does it have a network of over 11 million sites?
3. Does it run social media campaigns for your press release? Does it market your press release on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more?
4. Does it target desired audiences based on their locations and characteristics? Is it able to pinpoint relevant audiences down to zip codes?
5. Can it translate your press release into 8 languages? Is it able to reach a multicultural audience?
6. Does it allow your audience to listen to your press releases on Virtual Digital Assistants like Google Assistant or Alexa?
7. Does it let you choose 5 websites from millions of super premium websites?

iCrowdNewswire does!
Through this unique feature, you can select any 5 websites from:
• 3 million websites in the U.S.
• 700,000 in the UK
• 114,000 in the Netherlands
• Or from a total of 11 million worldwide!

What’s more; you can choose different sections of the websites to publish your press release ads on! For example, you can place ads of your real estate press releases on the Real Estate Section of your desired super premium websites.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started today and distribute to a scale you’ve never even dreamed of before.

Get started today:

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