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18.Jan, 2019 0

Press Releases and SEO for Local Business

How small businesses can use press releases effectively in their marketing campaigns? Do it have seo value? In this video you’ll learn some tips and tricks on doing seo press releases, what’s newsworthy, how to make small events sound like big news and make a splash.

17.Jan, 2019 0

1cupJoe Warminster PA Press release marketing video

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In this video, Jordan Baker ex-journalist and now CEO of Sanity Marketing reveals 5 signs your Press Release is a real stinker – and how to avoid those mistakes. More at

15.Jan, 2019 0

“Your Book Is Your Hook” Show — How to Do Press Release Marketing & “Brain Drain” — Marc Harty, CEO of MainTopic Media, Inc., will talk with radio personality and host Jennifer S. Wilkov about press release marketing and how to work effectively with this often misunderstood publicity tool. Mr. Harty will share best practices for using press release marketing in conjunction with other book…

14.Jan, 2019 0

How to write a press release with a press release template and example

Here are my 20+ business and marketing courses: My Business And Marketing Courses Here is my Amazon author page with the 6 books I wrote:

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How To Set Up An Effective Press Release Campaign – James Schramko talks about marketing campaigns and today’s SEO in general. SEO News: 00:52 – Maximize media coverage with PR 01:45 – Using available tools in press release submission 02:50 – Upload more videos and get more views 03:23 – Know the videos people want through Youtube Analytics…

12.Jan, 2019 0

How to Use Press Release Genie Get this amazing software along with training that shows you exactly how to make money by selling press releases to local businesses! Press release empire press release genie how to sell to local businesses how to sell press releases press release marketing

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Press release tutorial

10.Jan, 2019 0

Press Release Submission

press release submission Press Release submission process will improve your site visibility.The concept behind press release is that they should be used to share newsworthy content with interested parties. Your website will benefit from having a press release for SEO. #Press #Release #Submission

9.Jan, 2019 0

Promote Your Book With a Press Release

Margaux Hession of Margaux Hession Creative talks about how authors can use an online press release to promote their books. This presentation happened in a book marketing workshop at the Southern California Writers’ Conference in San Diego, February 2013.