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Amazon Press Releases: New Product Launching Strategy?

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Amazon Press Releases: New Product Launching Strategy?

Should you consider press releases as a part of a product launching strategy? How does it improve your Amazon ranking?

Shane Oglow, the president of prREACH company that helps Amazon sellers to create press and video releases to help sellers rank higher, explains how press releases benefit your Amazon business, how to use it for a successful product launching campaign, and how to prepare one.

For more information and show notes, check out this blog post:

Amazon Press Releases: New Product Launching Strategy?


Shane Oglow has been an Amazon seller since 2013 and was fortunate enough to realize early success by building his first brand to over 1 million in revenue in just over a year.

Since that time he’s continued to not only sell and grow on Amazon and other marketplaces but has been active in training literally thousands of Amazon sellers, primarily in the past through the highly successful Amazing Selling Machine program and continues to be a regular monthly contributor to as host of their “Amazing Updates” program.

His latest endeavor is that of co-owner of prREACH, a video, and traditional press release distribution platform, where they’re crafting revolutionary and unique content marketing strategies specifically designed for Amazon sellers to build brand authority and increase traffic like never before.

If you need professional help when preparing a press release, check
or contact Shane directly at – don’t forget to mention ORANGE KLIK!

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