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Amazon Press Releases for Product Launching Strategy | Norman Farrar

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Amazon Press Releases for Product Launching Strategy | Norman Farrar

An interview with Norman Farrar from prReach on how to use an amazon press release for product launching strategy. FeedbackWhiz trial here: Norman Farrar talks about the unique services that prReach offers to help amazon sellers launch a new product or brand.

Norman also covers the following questions in this podcast interview:

What kind of services is prReach offering Amazon Sellers?
What kind of video press releases does prReach offer Amazon Sellers?
Besides video press releases what other services do you offer?
AMZ.Club, is an agency to help create and launch products on Amazon.
Is for people that have product ideas or an established business?
Who finances the products and ideas in
Price matching from Honu Worldwide – sourcing and logitics company.
What kind of services does the logistics side of Honu Worldwide offer?
What did Norman Farrar do before he started to sell on Amazon?

For help with your business that is struggling with the covid-19 virus. Norman and prReach have some help with a free press release for great causes –

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About Norman Farrar and prReach

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prREACH combines specially optimized press releases and powerful video to drive traffic, grow your business and build your brand authority.

We are the world’s first premium video press release service, revolutionizing online digital news. Our expert writers, researchers, influencers, SEO specialists and developers combine the power of traditional press releases with superior online video marketing to ensure endless news coverage opportunities.

What We Do!
We provide video & written press releases and distribute them through our proprietary network of media outlets, search engines, journalists, influencers, & bloggers.

How We Do It!
Well, that’s a secret. What we can say is regardless if you are a traditional business, service or Amazon/eCommerce seller we provide local, regional or international exposure while building your brand driving external traffic and getting you the authority and trust you deserve.

About FeedbackWhiz
Full Demo of the FeedbackWhiz Software:

FeedbackWhiz helps Amazon sellers monitor, manage, and automate emails, product reviews, orders, and feedback. Build professional email templates with gifs, emojis, buttons, and attachments. A/B test subject lines and view open rate analytics. Send or exclude emails based on triggers such as refunds, shipment, delivery, feedback, and repeat buyers. Track and manage all product reviews. Instant notifications whenever a review is posted. Monitor all product listings and get alerts when critical events such as hijackers, buy-box loss, and listing changes occur.


o Automated Product Reviews
o Reviews Fetched 4 Times Per Day
o Negative Review notifications
o Positive and Neutral Review Notifications
o Group by ASIN Product View
o Respond to Reviews via Comments
o Competitor Tracking

o Live Email Preview
o Easy Variable Insertion
o Custom Buttons for Links
o Animated Gifs and Emojis
o A/B Split Testing
o Internal Note System

o Logo & Attachments
o Email Tracking & Analytics
o Duplicate Email Detection
o Target and Exclusion Statuses
o Seller Feedback Notifications
o Automated Email Campaigns

o Hijacker Alerts
o Buy-Box Alerts
o Listing Title Change Alerts

o Critical Event Notifications
o Graphs & Statistics
o Customer Orders Integration
o Real Time Refund Integration
o Automatic Buyer-opt Outs

o Campaign Filters and Timers
o Repeat Buyer Integration
o Positive Feedback Integration
o Buyer / Order Blacklist
o Download Data Reports
o Send Manual Emails

o Available Markets: Amazon US, Mexico, Canada, UK, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Australia, Japan, and India.

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