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Actionable Intelligence Meeting (AIM) #1:How To Write Press Releases For Local Clients

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Actionable Intelligence Meeting (AIM) #1:How To Write Press Releases For Local Clients

Christine OKelly of OnlinePRNews, gave instruction to a group of about 100 marketing consultants on how to write more effective press releases. The audience was anticipating a significant amount of insight on how to do what has become more and more important as both Panda and Penguin continue to take full root in SEO. Ms. OKelly did not disappoint.

This was the first In the Actionable Intelligence Webinar Series. All are “No-Pitch” and Instructional In Nature on Relevant Topics. Future Topics Include:

How to Get Corporate Sponsors For Your Events
How to Get People On To Your Webinars
How to Get Yourself Or Your Clients on Television
How to Create Information Product and More

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One of the most important parts of our discussion was the distinction she made between doing a press release and other self-promotional content. One of the questions that I asked her was basically, what is the difference between a press release and article. As marketers, we probably classify press releases in the same box as we would classify articles. Both require specific subjects and both require careful writing.

However, the press release is different. According to Christine it needs to communicate news. It’s not necessarily to be self-promotional when written. In fact, she went further to say that the writer should be thinking of others when they write.

How can I help someone else to describe this defense or happening? If you think about this as being helpful to reporters, bloggers and others looking to produce information for their readers, you’ll have the right attitude and perspective

Articles as you know, are written to provide information in a way that promotes the business. Articles also have the in the user in mind. Articles are not written so that others can take them and use them as content. I do understand that this practice goes on, and is even encouraged, but that is not the purpose for an article. The article is meant for the end user to make a decision and do something favorable for another writer.

Press releases are written so that the person reading can make a decision on whether or not to pass along the information to their readers, or followers. It gives the person in search of information, the opportunity to easily put together something that would be of value to their readers and give them the chief benefits of what is being described.

Christine spent some time discussing the nature of Panda and Penguin. This was especially helpful to those who may have seen the news about both, but never really fully understood what they meant. A key perspective that Christine gave the audience was what Google has been trying to do ever since its founding. She talked about having read their college paper before they started their company. Their purpose has been to provide the most relevant information to seekers when they want it.

As I listened to her. I thought about the fact that relevance is the key. “Good” and “bad”, don’t necessarily play into this. Even though in marketing circles, we discussed what is “good content” and “bad content, In the future will have to start thinking about how we’re going to go about being relevant.

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