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5 Tips to Increase Sales of Your Books: Learn Book Marketing Ideas

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5 Tips to Increase Sales of Your Books: Learn Book Marketing Ideas

Are an author? Have got any book published? Do you want to increase sales of your books?

Here are 5 tips to book marketing strategies. These tips will help you implement book marketing ideas in the career of your writing journey.

5 Tips to Increase Sales of Your Books: Learn Book Marketing Ideas
1 Publish Press Release
2 Create a website or blog
3 Get your book reviewed
5 Get Interviewed

1 Publish Press Release: Press release is considered a very effective means in book marketing ideas. It is a very important way to let the entire world know when you release a book.

Even in the age of personal blogging and social media networking sites gaining so much popularity, there are hundreds of press release agencies and websites that publish press releases on books. It has the potential to create strong buzz about your book.

You must create an original marketing content for the press release to pitch the sales of your book. Press release guarantees several benefits such as it creates trust and authority about your book and boosts web traffic to your book stores.

Most of the press releases run in certain genre/industry, they attract potential audience to the PR websites. Typically, different RP websites have different SEO strategies, which likely will give a wider scope to garner wider audience.

According to MarketingProfs, 71% of all B2B marketers count on content marketing to generate new sales leads.

2 Create e a website or blog: Once you are an author, you are an author forever. It is advisable that you should get your own website where you can post content about your books. You can do lots of things if you have a website like you can promote your website, post book links to the stores from where people can buy your books, post your interviews, and all kinds of information.

“According to the data shared by, 80 million people worldwide go online daily, looking for unique insight and exclusive stories.”

In case you don’t prefer to own a website, you must create a free personal blog at least. Although there may be some limitation in promoting your book through free blogs, you can still do a lot of promotional activities.

3 Get your book reviewed: Get your book reviewed and published the review with a journal is one of the best book marketing strategies. Now-a-days there are thousands of academic journals and literary magazines. Get your book reviewed by some professional authors or book reviewers and get the review published with academic journals. This will boost the authority of your views as an author and boost the brand image of your book.

4 Go ‘SOCIAL’: Create accounts with some of the popular social networking sites including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and others. Post messages about your book there on regular basis. Connect with the readers and authors. Create a community and start discussion on your views and ideas. Engage people who have similar idea as that of you.

This will boost digital footprint and you can drive web traffic to your website or blog organically with a little strategy for digital media.

“According to POWERADSPY, 95% of Social Media Advertisers use Facebook, Google, Instagram, YouTube, GDN, NATIVE, Reddit, Quora ads.”

5 Get Interviewed: Search for journals or magazines that conduct interviews with authors. Releasing interviews is a very powerful means to share your message with the people and without doubt would be a very excellent idea of book marketing plan.

If you don’t find any journal for the interview, schedule a discussion with your friends and release the video on YouTube. However, I recommend to connect with some journals or magazines as they may have wider audience reach.

“Over 2 billion people — almost one-third of all Internet users — in over 100 countries and 80 languages collectively watch one billion hours of YouTube videos every day.”

YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google where people look for the information of their interests. If you have a video interview released on some channel, half of the job is done. You can promote your released video talks anywhere including social media platforms or your own website/blog.

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