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3 Tips to Making a Simple Press Release Drive More Traffic

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3 Tips to Making a Simple Press Release Drive More Traffic

In this Webinar Skill Builder Minute Don Cameron provides you with 3 tips to making a simple press release drive more traffic to your webinar. You see, the hottest new search engine marketing tactic isn’t paid search ads, or tweaking your site to get higher organic rankings. Instead, it’s using press releases to get clicks.

The main search engine sites pick up “news” from the wire services that are used to send out press releases. That means if you put out a press release via any one of the major wire services (like PR News Wire or Business Wire), that release will show up in the big search engine news services.

Applying the following three tips to your press release will help you drive more traffic to your webinar:

Tip #1. Use a keyword in your headline. Your prospects are not searching the news engine looking for the word “Webinar.” Instead, they may be searching for news about descriptive terms from their own industry or job function. Make sure those words are in your headline.

Tip #2. Load your first paragraph with keywords. You’ll want to repeat the most important keywords in your first paragraph (which is the copy that search engines view the most carefully to decide what your press release is about). A word of warning – don’t repeat any keyword more than five times in the body of the release. It starts to look “spammy” and may hurt your results.

Tip #3. Include a well-worded hotlink in your first paragraph. Traditionally, press releases are written with the hotlink and/or other contact information at the very end. You’ll have to break yourself of that habit. If you place an offer or other hotlink in that first paragraph, chances are it will be clicked on by the right prospects. It should sound informational & factual, not promotional.

Use these 3 tips to make your webinar press releases attract attendees.

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