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3 Steps to DIY a Great Press Release

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3 Steps to DIY a Great Press Release

Writing a good press release can be somewhat of a challenge, particularly for a company that does not have content writers or marketers on staff. Press Releases are an innovative way to showcase new products, features, or developments in your company, but even more importantly, they help build strong brands and credibility within the industry.

Additionally, they can play a large role in building a positive online reputation and improving your SEO results.

Recently we put out a video describing why a trucking company should regularly publish press releases. If you’ve missed that video, you can find a link to it in the top right corner of the screen.

Now that you understand the benefits of publishing a press release, you probably wonder how to go about actually publishing a press release.
We are going to show you the three easy steps to DIY an awesome press release.

Step 1- Consider the angle of your press release.

What is the topic you will be talking about? Not every topic can be published as a press release. For a press release to gain traction, the topic must be interesting and newsworthy.
Pick a topic that a typical viewer would be captivated by enough to want to spend 5 minutes reading about. Here are some examples of topics related to the trucking industry that your reader would be interested in.

Business Expansion: Write about new property acquisitions, new business acquisitions, or a new related venture, such as opening a repair shop in addition to your trucking business. This will not only bring attention to your new endeavors but be a great opportunity to self-promote your expansion.

Charitable donations: If you are a community-conscious business, it’s newsworthy to bring attention to your philanthropy. Any monetary donations or humanitarian efforts go a long way in building relationships outside of your business and are worth highlighting.

Rebranding: If your business has undergone a rebranding, talk about it! Explain why you chose to take this route to invigorate your business. Whether you decided to expand your online presence, integrate a new logo into your brand, or just completely redirect the company’s direction, you want the world to know you are now NEW AND BETTER!

Partnerships: A Press Release is an awesome way to showcase your collaborations with other institutions or businesses. Say you strike a deal with a major tire provider, ensuring that you have a consistent and reliable influx of tires, which is also going to increase the safety of your team members and fleet. This is a great way to draw attention to your own company by using a larger well known brand name.

Promotions or New Hires: If you bring on a big name in the industry to an executive-level position in your company, you want to talk about it. This shows your audience that you take pride in your company and every single member who has what it takes to bring your company to the next level.

Awards or recognitions: If your company receives recognition or awards from a big brand name like FedEx or Amazon in regards to your companies remarkable performance, you shouldn’t be letting that award collect dust in the corner. Write a press release about it. This is a major feat that took you loads of time and effort to accomplish. Show it off.

So you’ve got your topic, now who’s going to write about it?

Step 2 –

As a business owner, you and your counterparts have plenty of daily tasks. Let’s not add another one. The easiest way to get your press release written is to hire a freelancer. Go to and find an expert who specializes in writing quality press releases. For around $70, you can get a well-written press release. Hassle-free and way less time-consuming than letting your safety guy try to put something together.

This brings us to our final step- Publication!

While there are many online options to publish your press release, we recommend using They offer several different packages, but for $89, you will get decent online exposure and publications in online news channels such as the Daily Herald in Chicago. If you want some exposure, check out the other, more advanced packages, and your press release will be featured in more high-traffic areas like Yahoo Finance or Marketwatch.

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