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3 Reasons Your Press Release Is Being Rejected & Tips to Overcome Them

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3 Reasons Your Press Release Is Being Rejected & Tips to Overcome Them

Press Release Rejection. Here are 3 Reasons Why Your Press Release is Not Being Picked Up by the Media and what you can do help you get more media attention.

It’s one of the most common questions people ask: Why didn’t the media (or journalist) use the press release that I sent?

Many people believe they have the most interesting stories to tell when they start writing a press release. What they don’t realise is that there are many factors at play that could affect whether a press release will be used or not.

Here are just three reasons:

Reason 1: You just missed the deadline

Journalists work to strict deadlines. Whether you’re dealing with print, online or broadcast journalists, they all have tight deadlines that must be met. Even if you have a well-written press release but if you sent it an hour or a day late, it doesn’t have a chance of being used. Remember, journalists live by their deadline.

What you can do?

Submit your press release, information or any material requested by the media on time. There’s no point wasting several hours researching and writing a press release if you submit it after a journalist’s deadline.

Reason 2: You’ve got tough competition

The media landscape is tough and getting tougher every day. Like everyone else, journalists have only a limited number of hours during the day to write articles. At the same time there are hundreds, if not thousands of stories competing for their attention as well as editorial space. That means you have to make your press release or anything that you send to the media as interesting and compelling as possible.

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