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11 Low-Cost and Free Ways to Promote Your Business

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11 Low-Cost and Free Ways to Promote Your Business

A lot of promotional advice recommends pouring money into ads on social media and Google. In this video we’ll show you how to promote your business for free.

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Promotion is the secret of the most successful small businesses.
Good products are the cost of entry, but promotion will bring you the money. Unfortunately, most owners overlook promoting their business.

They assume it’s expensive and time-consuming, which encourages an “if you built it, they will come” mentality.

But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

A lot of promotional advice you find recommends pouring money into ads on Facebook, Instagram, or Google. But you can’t put all your eggs in the advertising basket—diversification is key to avoid diminishing returns over time.

You need to create a foundation for your online presence and focus on getting in front of the right people, quickly and efficiently.
This video will walk you through free and low-cost ways to promote your business, with examples and resources to put them to work for you today.

Here is what we’ll cover in this video:
00:00 Introduction
02:53 Guest Posting
03:58 Product Reviews
05:04 Expert Roundup
06:18 Affiliate Programs
07:19 Gift Guides
08:12 Infographic
09:24 Press Coverage
10:31 Email Marketing
11:32 Google Search
12:26 Social Media
13:30 Promote Locally

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