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10 Easy Marketing Tips for Musicians

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10 Easy Marketing Tips for Musicians

This video give 10 ways to Market your music for free.

0:00 Introduction
0:52 Tip 1: A Testimonial Video on IG
1:13 Tip 2: Use IG Live stories to give story behind
1:52 Tip 3: Update all profile pictures
2:21 Tip 4: Host a watch party on FB
2:39 Tip 5: Perform an unpluged version on IG Stories
3:08 Tip 6: Write a press release
3:29 Tip 7: Make a lyric video
3:58 Tip 8: Make a release Karaoke Versions
4:26 Tip 9: Create a playlist
4:56 Tip 10: Ask other content creators to use your music
5:28 Outro

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